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FREE Pilates!!

We all love something for nothing and in these difficult times the more happiness we spread, the better the world can be. So here is my little bit of happiness for you; Saturday 2nd May is FREE pilates day across the pilates instructor world. There are a whole host of events to join in with live or …


Business as usual

Business as usual for Helen B Pilates, with a smattering of common sense…. Staying fit and active is the key to maintaining a strong immune system and with that in mind all classes are running as normal.  There are a few things we can all do to help minimise the spread of any disease or specifically …


Tell it like it is!

I have had some lovely feedback from clients over the past few weeks. People of any any gender and ability come to my classes. These are just a few great comments which I hope will help everyone realise how important movement is in sustaining a strong and healthy body. Movement is not a given, it …


Pilates in December

Pilates schedule for the next festive few weeks. It’s never too late to start…… ❌No classes Monday 9th & Tuesday 10th December. âś…Wednesday 11th December – Titley 6.30pm beginners and 7.45pm intermediates. âś…Friday 13th December 9.15am intermediates and 10.30am beginners. âś…Monday 16th December Lyonshall 6.30pm beginners and 7.45pm intermediates. âś…Wednesday 18th December Titley 6.30pm beginners …


Hello – we are currently under-construction, chewing the cud over this technical website type stuff and busy teaching lots of lovely people pilates. For any information look at my facebook page for helenbpilates, email or call (on the good old fashioned land line) 01544 231512. Thanks, Helen