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I am asked lots of great questions by people interested in or currently attending pilates classes. So here are my top pilates FAQ:

  • What is pilates?

Pilates is a ‘top to toe’ exercise routine to help improve flexibility, strength and stamina. We work on your ‘core’ strength (building abdominal strength to ensure hip, back and eventually all over strength), using exercises that require precision, control and co-ordination. But don’t worry, if you have never done pilates before, we’ll start each lesson with the basics to help everyone grow in to pilates. Pilates can be as gentle or strong as suits the individual. My classes use an exercise mat and are mostly based on the floor. 

  • Can I do pilates online?

Yes or course. I teach in a members only group on Facebook, which is a class from the comfort of home. I also teach private lessons via Zoom or Skype. Just contact me for more details info@helenbpilates.com

  • What do I bring to pilates classes?

An exercise mat.

Socks – ideally grip socks which I sell.

A bottle of water.

A small towel. (I have blocks if you find lying flat uncomfortable).

Wear comfy clothes that you can stretch in.

Warm layers for cold village halls.

  • How much do you charge for pilates?

Online classes cost £20 for one month’s membership. You can buy a pass here. Pilates classes in local village halls are £7.75 to drop in. You can buy 5 classes for £35 which must be used within 8 weeks of beginning classes allowing up to two weeks off. If you do not use your package within this time you will lose your remaining balance. If there are exceptional circumstances please do get in touch info@helenbpilates.com. You can find out more about my schedule, make payments and bookings on the Gymcatch website, search for helenbpilates.

  • Do you teach private lessons?

Yes absolutely. I have a studio in my garden at home. I teach one-to-one or small groups of up to four people. Private lesson charges vary, but I currently charge approximately £26 per hour. Private lessons are great for people with specific requirements, such as operative and sports rehabilitation. We design a programme suited to your individual needs and I can help you rebuild your strength and movement at a pace to suit you.

  • I find getting up and down from the floor quite difficult, can I come to a class?

Yes of course. The beginners classes can be adapted to suit people who find working on the floor difficult. These classes can be followed from a seated or standing position. Please contact me for more details and to discuss specific needs info@helenbpilates.com

I also teach private lessons using a specialist piece of rehabilitation equipment called the Pilates Reformer. This means getting up and down from the floor is not an issue, as a reformer is similar to a bed in shape and raised from the floor.

  • How often should I be doing pilates to see a benefit?

As often as possible, ideally everyday, just a few minutes!

It takes a few weeks to absorb all of the information I tell you each week. Breath, move, lift, stretch, co-ordinate……. so please don’t worry if it seems hard for the first few weeks. It does get easier. The best approach is to make pilates a way of life. When you walk, sit, bend, even boil the kettle, you will find yourself doing pilates!

The founding father of pilates called Joseph Pilates said:

“In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you’ll see a difference, and in 30 sessions you’ll have a whole new body”

  • Where do you teach?

Look at my class timetable page to see when and where I teach. https://helenbpilates.com/pilates-class-timetable/

  • I think I’m quite fit, which class should I come to?

If you have a reasonable level of everyday fitness but have never done pilates before or are out of practice, the intermediate class will suit you. The intermediate – advanced class assumes that each individual has a good level of overall fitness and strength, but we always go back to basics in the class warm up. I always offer levels of modification and progression to suit each individual. None of us are made exactly the same and therefore we all need our own personal challenges.

  • Here are some examples of how and what I teach

YouTube Classes

Facebook Classes

  • More questions? Get in touch.


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