You can join my pilates classes from the comfort of your own home using Facebook. Here is the link to join.

Membership is £20 for one month. You will need to register and buy a pass to access my membership group. To register and buy the pass I use a website called Gymcatch. You can find me on Gymcatch by searching for helenbpilates.

Once you have registered on Gymcatch and joined my Facebook teaching group, you can do as much pilates as you can manage. Any time of the day or night!

These are all the online ways you can join pilates with me.

  • Facebook group classes
  • One-to-one Zoom/Skype
  • YouTube

Not sure which class is for you? Have a look here

Here is the link to my Helen B Pilates main Facebook page. There are lots of free classes here.

Here is the link to my YouTube lessons, all short 5-15 minutes videos HelenB Pilates YouTube

Here is the link to my membership only Facebook group for Helen B Pilates Helen B Pilates Online Community

For one-to-one and small group online lessons contact me by email

Pilates in Herefordshire