❤️ Community Pilates is Back

Pilates Helen Boley

From Monday 24th May 2021 all of our local community pilates classes can restart. There is a class for everyone and every level. THE most important thing you can do is book your space and get ready to move your body more. Everyone will be feeling the same as you (including me!!), I promise that we will all start on the same level. We will work together to build greater strength, balance, flexibility and shake off that lockdown fatigue (& tone up that lockdown body!) by reminding ourselves how important it is to move more and move better. You will always leave a class feeling better than when you started – I’ll guarantee it!!

Read this BBC article, it’s exactly how many of you will be feeling


To book your space in pilates classes, click below

Pilates Booking & Payment Options

I will be running the first block of classes for 6 weeks from Monday 24th May until Friday 2nd July. 
You must book and pay on Gymcatch in advance to attend
You have three options to pay & attend:
Option 1: Book and pay in advance for all 6 classes. £42 for 6 weeks
Option 2: Buy a 5 class pass, it can be used for any community hall class. You can only book on a week by week basis using this pass. It gives you venue flexibility. £35 for 5 weeks. Buy here
Option 3: Pay as you go each week. £7.75 to drop in if spaces available
 Some of you have credit from 2020, this can be used as payment towards village hall classes. 
Each class is limited in numbers due to Covid restrictions continuing. The same Covid requirements for social distancing, sanitising hands and wearing facemarks on entry and exit are required until further notice.  

Online Continues

Pilates classes on Facebook will continue. The schedule is reduced slightly to accommodate real life classes, but all previous classes are always available on catch up. The new full pilates schedule is below. Payment for online remains the same. Join online here

pilates schedule, helen b pilates

Looking forward to seeing more of you back in group classes. It’s been a long time for some of us, but it’s never to late to get back on your mats.

Helen B