Back in the room!

COVID Pilates

From Wednesday 2/12/2020 we are back to a village hall near you!

You couldn’t write a better panto script – oh yes you can/oh no you can’t/oh yes you can!! That’s how return to exercise discussions have progressed this weekend!! 
If you’re in England, I am doing a little happy dance as we have the go-ahead to return to our COVID secure village halls. I plan to pack in as much pilates as possible for you, the last class will be Friday 18th December in Titley. Book Here.

If you’re in Wales, it’s pilates business as usual in the Assembly Rooms – Presteigne every Thursday 9.30-10.30am until our last class on Thursday 17th December. Book Here.

I will continue to offer one to one mat pilates lessons in my studio, all are welcome (including family bubbles) please email to book your lesson. I can help with rehabilitation, strengthening, balance, motivation and general fitness. I have a great piece of equipment called a pilates reformer which uses spring based resistance. I am in the final stages of training on the reformer and looking for willing clients who want to ‘bag a bargain’  – let me teach you my exam routine for just £7.75 for a one hour private lesson. 

If you would rather exercise at home, then join in with my Facebook teaching group. You just need to buy a pass from Gymcatch which is £20 for a month. Once you have purchased a pass, join my Facebook teaching group here. You need to request to become a member and I will approve your membership. Join in live classes or look in the “Units” section of my Facebook teaching page to choose a class from your preferred level from any date in last 6 months. 
If you are unsure about anything please do get in touch. There are still lots of previously recorded, short and free classes available, here are the links to my freebies on Facebook and YouTube

So – we have to pack a lot of pilates in to December. How many classes can you make?
Let’s see if we can all set ourselves the target to do something everyday before Christmas. A walk, go cycling, get back to running, go for a swim, put your PJ’s on and come and do pilates with me – that’s a no brainer!! We have set our family challenge to walk at least a mile a day after school, the miles soon add up.
Don’t forget, it is the season to be jolly ? Let’s relish the joy movement, it’s one of life’s simple pleasures. We can all be grateful for that. Helen x