Happy New Year, Happy New Pilates You

pilates jack knife

Let’s welcome a new year of pilates. A great opportunity to find the real you, hiding under all those winter layers! We have a full four months until summer begins, so let’s get beach ready…….my glass is always half full, mostly metaphorically speaking!! Even my 70 year old dad, a farmer through and through, has taken up online pilates.

I have a great selection of online Facebook classes at various times of the day and all classes are available on catch up to suit you. There are literally no excuses for not moving more that will wash with me. My mantra is always “move more”. Pilates becomes a way of life. One of my lovely ladies illustrated this point perfectly…….

I even find I roll up and down using my core strength, when hanging out my washing” ? As a pilates teacher, this makes me sooooooo happy!!!

My year ended on another happy note with new a pilates qualification. I am excited to officially teach Reformer pilates. If you have no idea what this means – watch this space, a video is coming soon!

I am also super excited that my next pilates training course starts on 7th January and I cannot wait to share the latest pilates moves with you.

How do you get involved? During these COVID times, we are back to online classes. You can join me on Facebook, Zoom or Skype for lessons. More details here and you can buy an online pass from Gymcatch here.

Move it to mend it – that is how we will take on 2021!


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