Hormones & Pilates.


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Hormones and Pilates

Our body is regulated by a clever combination of hormones. But sometimes we just don’t quite feel ourselves. Why? It can be that our well balanced levels of hormones are out of balance. Pilates is all about rebalancing, not just the physical act of balancing, but helping your body to function as efficiently as possible and maintain a state known as homeostasis.

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Pilates; the balancing act

I am fascinated by how our bodies work and how to make them work better and more efficiently. For many women, the menopause can play havoc with how our body functions, but we can help our hormones by continuing to exercise. And not only will our hormones benefit, but so will our bones.

Men also need to be aware of the impact hormones have on how our bodies function. Oestrogen and testosterone play a huge part in cancers such as prostate and testicular cancer. Diabetes management is hugely affected by increased exercise. By increasing your exercise, you will help regulate your hormones and make for a happy and healthy body and mind.

These hormones are all affected by the amount of exercise we take:

Dopamine (the feel good factor)

Serotonin (the sleepy one)

Testosterone (the strong one)

Oestrogen (keeps the wheels turning)

Health and Happiness

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It’s time to take control and make the best version of you. Join my pilates classes and feel better about yourself.

Not sure about classes? Come for a one to one lesson in my garden studio. We’ll build a programme specifically for you.

The most important action you can take is to move more. We only get one chance and one body, so let’s make it as good as it can be. Health = Happiness ❤️

See you for move movement soon.

Helen B
Love from Me