Is it July already?!

Welcome to another busy month of pilates.

If you ask yourself “how much exercise did I do in June”, I am sure for many of you, the answer to that question is “not as much as I had hoped!” I too am guilty of saying that, missing training sessions because well, in all honesty, the weather has been glorious and I had just one more thing to do! But I know that if I don’t catch up, I will miss out on the benefits of pilates and the next class will be even harder.

Luckily one of the big advantages of our new technology fuelled world, is that you can catch up on classes at anytime to suit you. Click these links to see more of my classes, which are available on Facebook and YouTube

All classes are going to continue online only for the next two months, until I have full guidance on returning to villages halls. I also plan to keep some classes online from September, look out for more details in August. 

Online teaching membership is due. If you haven’t joined my online group yet, don’t wait just click here. It is an absolute bargain at just £10 per calendar month. Please note one change to class times from July onwards; my Friday fast & fit class moves to 7am Friday morning from 3rd July. Start your day the strong & stretchy way. 

I can also teach you on a one-to-one basis using Skype or Zoom, just get in touch to book a lesson. 

So, don’t let anything get in the way of joining in with pilates. As Joseph Pilates, the great founder of pilates said,

“In 10 sessions you will feel better, in 20 sessions you will look better and in 30 sessions you will have a new body.” 

Read this article, it might also ring true for many of you! 

Happy strong and stretchy month.