It’s time to talk money or gin or eggs!

I absolutely love what I do ❤️ Teaching pilates is such a
rewarding job, especially in a small local community such as ours in rural Herefordshire.

Every single one of you that have come to my pilates classes in
village halls, in my garden, in my shed and even joined our
online community have all contributed to my on-going passion
for teaching and have added a huge amount to my pilates
teaching journey. I only became a teacher in 2018 and my
self -employment status began just a few months ago.
I have spent the weekend trying to work out how to plug the huge gap in my income. Teaching pilates is my primary income. It
seems I fall in to a void where I am self employed but have only
been self employed for a few months and therefore miss out on
any government support. I am sure many of you are in the same

I really want to continue to share my love of pilates and keep as many of you as fit and healthy at home as possible. Therefore
from Wednesday 1st April I will be charging just £10 a month for access to my online class community. I hope that for as many of
you as possible £2.50 a week feels like a manageable amount. I
absolutely appreciate for some people there is not a spare penny, I am feeling the pain of your budgeting difficulties. 

What do you get for your £2.50 a week? 
1. More than 5 live classes a week on my Facebook group,
something for all levels and abilities. 
2. One-to-one or small group lessons on Zoom/Webex/Skype. No
need for Facebook. Help on hand when you need it. Just email me to book a lesson.
3. Unlimited re-plays and repeats of classes you might have
missed, or love so much you want to do again!! 
4. Access to my help 24/7 to keep you moving and motivated. 
5. My specialist knowledge for all of you who have conditions
which have previously required treatment or physiotherapy. I am fully qualified for exercise referral. 
If you cannot afford to pay £10 per month or would rather not
join Facebook classes, I offer free short classes on my YouTube
page HelenB Pilates. Click on this link for an example video of
standing and seated pilates YouTube . 

My Helen B Pilates Facebook page and my Website have all the
details of online classes.  

If you have previously paid for a block booking and want to put
this towards classes, please get in touch. 

To pay for all of this jam packed pilates online action here are
your options.
1. BACS – contact me for details. Use your name as the reference. 
2. Paypal – link to my page is here 
3. Trade me for goods and services now or at a later date! Cakes,
Lemonade, Potatoes, Wine – all accepted as payment!! 

Whichever route you choose, please keep up the pilates. As the
great man Joseph Pilates himself said…..

“In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you’ll see the difference, and in 30 sessions you’ll have a whole new body”

Get involved to see for yourself the difference pilates can make.