June Pilates News

How often do you say to yourself, ‘I am doing this for me’? Very rarely if you’re like me! But this month make one promise to yourself; I will do pilates at least once a week for the whole of June. Try it and let me know how much better you feel. 

So, how can you keep doing pilates with me in June when we are not able to meet for face to face lessons? There are so many ways to keep moving. The more you move the better you will feel. As one of my returning clients said to me “I had forgotten how much I love pilates, I feel better after every class”.  

If you haven’t already become a member, join my teaching group on Facebook. It’s a great community space and there are classes for all abilities. Join my classes live (and don’t worry no-one can see you, you just watch me) or watch any class from the past two months on replay. If you haven’t joined yet, don’t wait just click here. It is just £10 per calendar month. Please note one change to class times from June onwards, my Tuesday morning class for all abilities will be live at 7am. Get up and get moving bright and early! 

If you want to see what online classes are like before you join, have a look on my main Facebook page for a free class, click here.

There are also some free introductory classes and children’s classes on my YouTube page, click here to have a look. 

I can also teach you on a one-to-one basis using Skype or Zoom, just get in touch to book a lesson. 

No-one else will look after your fitness, so while the sun is shining and you’re full of summer energy take this opportunity to get involved with pilates. Movement really is medicine. Have a listen to this TED talk, it’s not just me that says keep moving. Listen here

Make it all about you ? Looking forward to seeing you on a mat this month.