September Pilates

Hello All,  

It is going to be a great month of movement in September.

Can you promise yourself some more time to move this month? Reduce the tension in those aching shoulders. Ease your lower back pain. Increase your steps goal. Get outside more, even when it’s a bit cooler. Can you find 30 minutes just 5 days a week to move? This can be anything from walking the dog, weeding the garden, cleaning the house or doing MORE pilates!! When my online classes are only £10 for the whole month, there are no excuses for lack movement, after all, movement really is the best medicine.

I can absolutely vouch for what I say……after a long wet day in August standing in an empty cow shed entertaining children, wearing not very practical footwear, followed by a day in a canoe, I had terrible hip pain. I am (luckily) unaccustomed to joint pain, after all I teach pilates for a living, surely I don’t get aches and pains!! So, my home remedy was pilates everyday for the whole week. Specifically focusing on mobilising my lower back and hips, and yes by the end of the week I had forgotten the pain ever existed. I can’t tell you how much movement really helps. You need to find out for yourself!! And it’s not just me that recommends exercise, NICE are currently consulting on the inclusion of exercise programmes to treat chronic pain. Movement really is medicine. Join me online here

?Super exciting news…..? From 28th September we will be moving some classes back to local village halls. Titley and Lyonshall village halls are both ready to re-open, I am also looking for a space in Presteigne. More details will follow later in September. It will be a book and pay online system to help make the process easier for all. This will involve some initial admin for you all, but it will speed up my administration in the long run. Online classes will also continue, as your feedback has been brilliant and a lot of people love the flexibility online teaching offers. 
So let’s make September a super stretchy month, if you don’t join me live on Facebook, here are the links to my freebies onFacebook and YouTube

Enjoy this beautiful month of movement while the sun continues to shine and bring us energy. 

Don’t forget…..keep your eyes out for my next newsletter.