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Get Pilates in Your Body

Your body will thank you. Make pilates a way of life The hot, hot summer is merging in to the cooler autumn season and it’s time to get your plans in place to keep moving through the cooler days and evenings. Make Movement a Way of Life Pilates, better movement, a healthier way of life, …


Is it July already?!

Welcome to another busy month of pilates. If you ask yourself “how much exercise did I do in June”, I am sure for many of you, the answer to that question is “not as much as I had hoped!” I too am guilty of saying that, missing training sessions because well, in all honesty, the weather has been …

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FREE Pilates!!

We all love something for nothing and in these difficult times the more happiness we spread, the better the world can be. So here is my little bit of happiness for you; Saturday 2nd May is FREE pilates day across the pilates instructor world. There are a whole host of events to join in with live or …