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Hormones & Pilates.

Let’s look from the inside out……. Our body is regulated by a clever combination of hormones. But sometimes we just don’t quite feel ourselves. Why? It can be that our well balanced levels of hormones are out of balance. Pilates is all about rebalancing, not just the physical act of balancing, but helping your body …

Pilates in LA

Did I tell you the plan?

Stretch right through summer ☀️ So many of you have been back to real life pilates and it has been brilliant. We have even had classes outside in Titley, a lovely secluded outdoor space to breathe and stretch in. More outdoors over the summer if the sun shines.  Pilates offers so many benefits; increasing strength, muscle tone, improving …



Back to community classes and a new booking system. Exciting news updates….here we go, there is a lot to take in!! Please read all for important pilates information. From Monday 28th September I will return to teaching face-to-face classes in Lyonshall and Titley village halls as well as a new class at The Assembly Rooms …


September Pilates

Hello All,   It is going to be a great month of movement in September. Can you promise yourself some more time to move this month? Reduce the tension in those aching shoulders. Ease your lower back pain. Increase your steps goal. Get outside more, even when it’s a bit cooler. Can you find 30 minutes just 5 days a week …


Get involved in pilates online ?

Now you have no excuses to sit still. There are pilates classes and bite sized routines for you to do on my Facebook and YouTube pages Here Pilates really is the best medicine you can give to yourself to ensure continued movement without pain or fear. Pilates from the comfort of your own front room …


Tell it like it is!

I have had some lovely feedback from clients over the past few weeks. People of any any gender and ability come to my classes. These are just a few great comments which I hope will help everyone realise how important movement is in sustaining a strong and healthy body. Movement is not a given, it …