Tell it like it is!

Lesson planning and practice. I love the joy of movement.

I have had some lovely feedback from clients over the past few weeks. People of any any gender and ability come to my classes. These are just a few great comments which I hope will help everyone realise how important movement is in sustaining a strong and healthy body. Movement is not a given, it is something we give to ourselves.

“I can now easily look left and right at the end of my drive. I didn’t realise how much more mobility I have from coming to pilates classes.”

“I skied for a week and my back felt brilliant. Such an improvement from coming to classes regularly.”

“I absolutely know that I haven’t been doing enough pilates. My shoulders and neck are so tight. Two pilates classes a week makes all the difference.”

“I always thought you had to sweat to exercise and then I came to pilates with Helen. Pilates is such a great all over work out for your whole body but without the sweating!”

If you’re thinking about trying pilates in Herefordshire, come and give my classes a go. You can drop in or buy a block of classes. I also teach private lessons in my studio and I am fully qualified for clients in rehabilitation. Not all exercises are floor based and in my studio I have a variety of options from chairs, to balls and seated exercises to help everyone begin their movement journey. Get in touch to find out more info@helenbpilates.com.