Business as usual

Business as usual for Helen B Pilates, with a smattering of common sense….

Staying fit and active is the key to maintaining a strong immune system and with that in mind all classes are running as normal. 

There are a few things we can all do to help minimise the spread of any disease or specifically viruses such as CoVD19. 
*Wash your hands well before coming to class and when you get home. Two rounds of happy birthday are required for a good wash so my children tell me! 
*Bring your own towel and/or mat. My mats are all steam cleaned but small changes can make a big difference.
*I will sign you all in and help you with change. Bringing the correct money is also super helpful if you’re paying cash it’s £7.50. 

if you want any further information please visit the Government website

We all want life to go on as normally as possible in the current climate of chaos. Please use your best judgement to decide if you should come to class or not. If you are unsure please give me a call to discuss 01544 231512. Please do let me know if you are not coming to your usual class. 

I’m looking forward to keeping you all strong, flexible and full of immune system boosting energy!! 

See you at a class soon ?