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FREE Pilates!!

We all love something for nothing and in these difficult times the more happiness we spread, the better the world can be. So here is my little bit of happiness for you; Saturday 2nd May is FREE pilates day across the pilates instructor world. There are a whole host of events to join in with live or on replay. I will be starting the day off at 9am with a free class on my main @helenbpilates Facebook page, click here to join. 

I have saved you trawling the internet and picked my top three events/hosts for tomorrow’s freebies. Try a new class you might be able to teach me something next week! Most classes are also on replay, so don’t worry if you miss the live action.

A day of classes promoted by Lolita San Miguel will be amazing. Lolita was taught by the father of pilates, Joseph H Pilates and is a true founding member of the pilates teaching world. Her teaching class is sold out, but all other instructors will be really great. Don’t worry about the language, just follow the moves! Click here for Lolita’s website. 

As many of you know I lived in California for several years, it is where I discovered my love of pilates. Robin Long is a great pilates teacher based in Santa Barbara (go and visit this city if you ever have chance). Here is a link to Robin’s free classes tomorrow. The Balanced Life

Polestar pilates studio in London are hosting a day of varied events by a range of instructors. Look herefor more details. 

It is also membership weekend for my Facebook pilates teaching group. If you haven’t joined yet, don’t wait just click here. It is just £10 per calendar month. If you have paid upfront for multiple months online, I have you on my spreadsheet! 

More freebies from me on my YouTube channel, click here

Get involved! Move it or lose it!!