I am Helen Boley; pilates teacher, mum of two gorgeous girls and married to a brilliant dairy farming husband. We live on the Welsh Borders and enjoy our beautiful rolling countryside, whatever the weather. Living the simple country dream!

Because staying healthy is really important to me, I have always made exercise an important part of my life, having worked in UK Retail for 20+ years, exercise was my go-to for downtime. Whenever and wherever I travelled in the world, I made sure my mantra was ‘keep moving’.

In 2006 I had the fortunate opportunity to go and live and work in LA. What to do in a beautiful place, full of beautiful people? If you can’t beat them join them! In the eclectic Californian city of Venice Beach we found an amazingly talented and gorgeous pilates teacher called Robin, who embraced the challenge to teach three Brits how to become Californian fit, strong and supple (and of course CA beach beautiful!!).

California, Venice Beach
Living in LA

Importantly I set myself some life goals, part of which was to never stop practising pilates, even throughout two pregnancies, whilst bringing up small children and juggling a full time job. Pilates is just so good for the whole body, whatever your goals are pilates can help; tone, strengthen, improve balance, increase flexibility, build stamina, ease back pain, rehabilitate from injury or an operation, the list of pilates benefits is endless. If it doesn’t bend it will break!

Here I am today sharing my love for pilates and my passion to teach pilates with you, from my small garden studio, surrounded by green fields and grazing cows on our dairy farm in north Herefordshire. Never stop dreaming.

Pilates Qualifications:

I am level three qualified in mat, reformer pilates & wunda chair pilates.

I am level three qualified in nutrition and exercise for referral.

I have pilates reformer equipment especially useful for clients in post operation or injury rehabilitation. You work on a supported bed, no need to get up and down from the floor. 

Reformer Pilates
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