Helen B Pilates

Hello and welcome to Helen B Pilates. It’s great to know you’re interested in pilates. I am based in north Herefordshire and teach in local community halls, in my garden studio and live online in our members only group. My aim is for everyone to move more and move better. Pilates will improve your life. Pilates can be a way of movement for life. I want everyone to to live a better and healthier life.

These are some of my favourite client quotes about how pilates has become a way of life for them:

“I find myself rocking to find my balance, while standing in a queue, who knew I would be doing pilates sub-consciously!” SG

“I feel so much taller. I am pilates tall and lifted” RB

“I have not had a bad back again since doing pilates regularly” JH

“I feel so much more toned and stronger. That is regular pilates” SB

“Pilates is just so good for you. It’s hard to describe, but you just know it”

There are subtle changes, like my 82 year old client explained, who now realises he has full visibility from the junction outside his house. “I can see a full 180°, I never knew how limited my rotation was!”

If you’re not sure what pilates is all about, have a look at these short videos I have made. They’re all free!

My Top 5 Pilates Facts

  • Pilates will improve your balance
  • Pilates will tone your body
  • Pilates will help you touch your toes
  • Pilates will help alleviate back pain
  • Movement really is the very best medicine for your body

If you want to get involved and feel all of the pilates benefits, my contact details are here. I cannot wait to help you move more and move better.

Pilates and Stretch