Can you touch your toes?

You touch your toes every day just by putting on your (comfy lockdown!) socks. But, if the action of getting anywhere near to your feet is followed by a grunt and a groan – you’re not alone! It’s the moves you make, easing the journey to your feet that pilates helps with. 

Pilates isn’t a chore. It’s a better way of life. You’ll find touching your toes happens with fewer moans and groans when you do pilates. You can join me online in my pilates membership group or book a Zoom one to one, hopefully even meet face to face for private lessons in my studio from April. My mission is to keep you all moving (and touching you toes everyday without any moaning or groaning)!

Sharing The Pilates

I have spent as much time as possible updating my pilates knowledge in the last few months. My own homeschooling!! I have soaked up so much great information and experience which I need to share with you. A date for real life group classes is some way off yet (I will be trying to find some outdoor group venues where possible), but I am optimistically hoping that one to one and family group classes in my studio can begin after Easter……more to follow nearer the time. To put your name on my waiting list for private lessons on a mat, the reformer or pilates chair, just email me

Taking it to the next level

It’s not just mat pilates that can help you move more and move better. I have two great pieces of equipment that really add another level of challenge to your practise; the pilates reformer (below) and the pilates chair (above) – don’t be deceived by the relaxing sound of a chair!! You should all know me well enough to be sure that I love a challenge and I love to know more; understanding how to increase body strength and tone, improving flexibility, balance and control. These bits of kit do just that! Book a lesson to find out more.

Smile & move a little more

Almost 40% of the population in the UK do no exercise at all and only 8% of people exercise for 30 minutes a day. You can add an estimated 3 years to your life just by exercising for an extra 13 minutes a day. After the past 12 months, we all have a lot of living and moving to do. Just move a little bit more and definitely get involved in pilates with me! Join online or book a private lesson.

Spring Clean

 am working through my records for all of you to make sure I have the correct contact and medical details. Please look out for an updated request for information if you currently come to classes online or plan to join me in the future. If you have a package currently on hold with me, I will extend all packages until 31st July. By 31st July all classes bought in the last 18 months will need to have been used. I will not be able to carry forward any credit after 31st July 2021. It you would prefer a refund please get in touch.

Hoping to see some of you in real life before too long. I’ll keep you updated on classes via email, my website and Facebook. Keep moving and keep smiling.