Decide, Commit & Achieve

There is only one person involved in the decision to live your best life.

It’s that person in the mirror – YOU ‼️

This is Adam, my lovely husband on my pilates tower.

At 6’3” and over 100kg, he does not find pilates easy. As I always say, if you find it easy you’re probably doing it wrong!

The outcomes get easier to achieve with effort.

Think about your motivational factors for self care? Enjoy the challenge, feel a sense of achievement and success after exercise? If you’ve been coming to pilates regularly, remember how hard the roll up use to feel? You reward your brain and body when you take time for self care.

You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending – C.S.Lewis

The success of pilates is that it really is for everybody and every body will benefit.

Put the Right Fuel in Your Tank!

You will never out run or out walk a bad diet.

No matter how hard you exercise, get your food intake right.

Ask yourself these simple questions:

  • Do I snack on foods?
  • Do I read ingredients labels and understand everything on the label?
  • Do I choose foods for taste or speed?
  • Do I eat when bored?
  • Do I drink (enough) water?

To help you make the best choices about when and what to eat, I highly recommend listening/reading/watching these insightful people

Tim Spectre Find him on Zoe Podcast

Dr Jason Fung – Explore his theories

Glucose Goddess – Brilliant tips on Instagram

Dr Rongan Chattergee – His podcast are so insightful

My amazing sister-in-law has helped to launch a metabolic health retreat in Bristol. Have a look at what they do Combe Grove, and read the Telegraph review Here

    The Big Push

    Summer has been a lot of fun ☀️ I’m taking the last 2.5 weeks off to enjoy time with my family. Time together and socialising are essential for a happy & healthy life. Just listen to Professor Rose Kenny and her amazing research in Ireland. From September we can get in to new/better/healthier routines with a clear few months to build better habits for ourselves.

    Private lessons & pilates online restart Thursday 7th September Village hall classes restart on Friday 8th September Full details on my timetable