How do I do pilates?

The question of ‘how do I start?’ when beginning any journey is often easy to say but hard to do. Pilates can seem like an alien word, but actually pilates covers many aspects of how we are in life, from breathing to balancing, pilates is a way of life.

How do i do Pilates

By thinking more about how you move, you will already begin to move better. By thinking about how you breathe, you will breathe better. By putting together movement and breath, you will lead a stronger and fitter lifestyle.

I have put together my list of basics for anyone beginning their pilates journey. It’s not fancy and edited in a professional way, it’s just me, in my shed talking everything pilates.

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In 10 minutes I’ll go over the pilates basics to help you master the pilates techniques to take in to everyday life. Once you have grasped the basics, you’ll be doing pilates in your sleep! The pilates breath can even help you to sleep; relieving stress and relaxing you at the end of the day.