Put a spring in your pilates step?

..without your pelvic floor wetting you down there? It’s time to come out of pilates hibernation! Let’s talk pilates and pelvic floor.

Find the fit and active pilates you for the rest of 2022

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There are no excuses! Pilates is guaranteed to get you moving more and moving better

But, is there something stopping you?


Don’t let your pelvic floor let you down.  Join pilates.

Did you know only 1 in 5 people seek help for incontinence, which affects approximately 10% of the adult population?

The great news is pilates can help, and for stress incontinence the results can be quick and life changing. It’s all about your pelvic floor!

Find some great free resources to help both men and women and follow these links or email me for more details

Elaine Miller – Chartered Physiotherapist & Pelvic Health Specialist

IUK – UK Incontinence Charity

Squeezy – NHS supported app


Join Physical fitness can neither be achieved through outright purchase or wishful thinking

Joseph H Pilates

Change happens through movement and movement heals


We’ll be finding our pelvic floor in classes and smiling our way in to spring. Movement really is THE best medicine.